The Staff at Greener Engineering Inc. is involved in the construction project from beginning to the end of the first year of operation. In some cases, even beyond, providing continuous commissioning services. Our involvement is broken down in the following design and construction phases. These services are based on LEED 3.0 Fundamental as well as Enhanced Commissioning. Our services can be custom tailored to meet the varying needs of individual construction projects.

Pre-design Phase:
The Greener Engineering Team works with the owner and design team to help develop an Owner's Project Requirements (OPR). The OPR helps to describe the owner's objectives and criteria for the project. The Greener Engineering Team also works with the owner and design team to review and enhance the Basis of Design (BOD). The BOD details the design concepts, decisions, and product selections. The BOD documents what assumption the designer made and the reasoning behind the assumptions. Both the OPR and BOD become part of the commissioning plan.

Design Phase:
The Greener Engineering Team brings its years of design experience into play providing reviews of the design development documents as well as the final construction documents. We verify that the design satisfies the OPR and BOD, as well as we verify that systems can be properly maintained and serviced. During this phase we create the commissioning plan which becomes the road map for executing the process during the construction and occupancy and operation phases.

Construction Phase:
During this phase, the Greener Engineering Team reviews project submittals to verify compliance to the project documents. Our team holds a commissioning kick-off meeting with the construction team to clarify the contractor's responsibilities and the expectations during the commissioning process. We visit the site on a regular basis verifying that systems are being installed as per the contract documents as well as the systems being installed can be properly maintained. When the building systems are near operational the Greener Engineering Team provides Pre-Functional check lists (PFC) for the contractors to examine the systems for completeness and readiness for operation. Once the PFC's are accepted by Greener Engineering, the contractor can start up the systems. The Greener Engineering team also provides Functioning Testing procedures (FT) that provide a detailed list of operational checks to verify that the systems are operating as designed and intended.

Occupancy and Operations Phase:
Once Greener Engineering is completed with the functional testing and all results have been recorded and deficiencies are corrected, the Greener Engineering Team helps in organizing and recording the training process. The Greener team also helps to organize the Operations and Maintenance manuals and verifies their completeness before they are passed on to the owner. We stay in contact with the owner during the first year of operations helping to answer questions and to facilitate any corrective warrantee work that might be required. Before the warrantee period is over, the staff at Greener interviews the building operators, administration and occupants to verify that the building is meeting everyone's expectations.

Greener can also provide custom tailored Continuous Commissioning Service making regularly scheduled visits to the site and verifying the operation of the systems and the comfort of the occupants.
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