Michael D. Wesley, LEED GA,QCxP, Construction Quality Manager
As a Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP) and Construction Quality Manager (CQM), Michael is involved in the total commissioning process. Michael's involvement in the commissioning process begins with reviewing the detailed specific equipment data for inclusion in the commissioning plan. As a QCxP and CQM, Michael spends a great deal of his time out at the construction projects verifying that the installation meets the project design as well as the owner's project requirements. Every site visit results in a Field Commissioning Report (FCR) detailing the installation process as well as any commissioning issues. Michael is also involved in the Pre-functional and Functional testing of equipment, verifying that they are being done and the process is being completed as defined in the commissioning plan. Michael is also involved in gathering the operations and maintenance information for a commissioning review and submission to the owner. He is also involved in documenting the owner training and creating a record for the owner for future training needs. Michael has approximately 5 years of experience with the commissioning process working for both Greener Engineering as well as AMSCO Engineering. Michael is also finishing up his degree in Environmental Science's

Building Commissioning Services
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