Ginny Lee Wesley, Vice President / Commissioning Associate, Project Manger
The Project Manager of the Greener Engineering Team heads up the daily operations of our firm and is involved in every aspect of each project from beginning, to end. From the project's beginning she is involved in creating the Commissioning Plan as well as coordinating all information between the design team and the commissioning team. The Project Manager also coordinates project scheduling as well as assigning commissioning assignments to the rest of the commissioning team. Upon completion of each project the Project Manager conducts the operations and occupancy surveys. Ginny's seven years of previous Management experience in addition to her six years of experience with AMSCO Engineering, has been an invaluable asset to the Greener Engineering Team. Also, so as to keep abreast of current regulations and to further her education, Ginny participates in ongoing commissioning, LEED and business courses

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